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Voltislabs Technologies is Sydney based company founded by computer programming experts who are passionate about futures trading. We are amazed to see how wealth distribution takes place in a free market, where rich keeps getting richer and poor keeps getting poorer. Trading follows the same principle; while most of the traders are losing money in long term, some traders have found the right formula that works for them.

At Votislabs Technologies, we have studied the chart patterns for a long time and have utilized our programming knowledge to build proprietary tools and indicators, which we feel gives us a great edge in trading. These indicators work seamlessly on broad range of asset classes in commodities, futures and forex markets. While traditional investors and traders scan through piles of annual reports, economic news and events to decide what/when/how to trade, our system gives instant signals for it. Our weekly newsletter identifies swing trading opportunities that enable traders to create a strategy for action.

Our subscribers benefit from our strong market knowledge and technology experience; you too now can join us to get this advantage. We share your passion for markets and we never rest on our reputation. Prompt response, proactive approach and commitment to create valuable relationships ensure that we offer a high standard of service to all our subscribers.

Votislabs Technologies continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our subscribers have in us. We cover many markets such as precious metals, energy, stock indices, forex etc.

Our mission

Votislabs Technologies Technical Trading Signals Service:

  • Build best technical trading newsletter service in the world
  • Make trading worthwhile endeavor for retail traders
how can we help you?

Contact us at Voltislabs Technologies office in Sydney, Australia or submit a business inquiry online.

Votislabs has been instrumental in improving my trading. Now I don’t execute any trade without referring to their technical analysis.

Monica Pandey
Retail Trader, Sydney Australia

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