Technical Trading Signals : Votislabs Technologies Weekly Newsletter Service ($349/6 months or $649/12 months)

Technical Trading Signals : The newsletter covers 20 major markets and is sent out to all subscribers every weekend. It covers analysis on most liquid markets across the globe highlighting major turning points.

The alerts are issued realtime and are based on complex breakout strategies. The long alerts are issued when a commodity price breaks above major resistance or short alerts are issued when a price breaks below major support.

The identification of major support and resistance levels is done by our proprietary program developed by our technical team after many years of markets study.

We do understand that some traders may be very skeptical at first, but trust us, the Software we have designed really gives traders the edge they are looking for.

Our Gold, Forex and Futures Trading Signals are best in market. The technical trading signals are result of years of hard work of our computer programmers.

We are really delighted and pleased to be able to offer you a high quality service.

  • Highlights of Votislabs Technical Trading Signals Service

Trade signals for a diversified product Range

Our team of experts cover diverse range of products to look for potential trade set ups basis technical analysis. We cover precious metals, currencies, bonds, forex and other commodities.

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4-6 Actionable Strategies during a month

Sitting on the sidelines is also a position; we wait for a pattern to fully develop before pressing the trigger.

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Prudent risk management strategies

Not all trades are profitable there knowing your financial situation and trading objectives is very important. Limiting your trading capital and always using a stop-order for every trade are two most important risk management strategies we employ

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Many years of trading experience

This allows us to specialize in all dimensions of futures trading because we have experience within the team for every scenario.

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Helpful for retail traders

This service can be very rewarding for retail traders who trade with very limited experience. We made many mistakes in the beginning of our career and now you get to learn from our experience.

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Signals which are easy to execute and follow

Our technical analysis makes it very simple for traders to make and implement a trading strategy.

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